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A hotel receipt is a legal document that a hotel issues to its guests. It serves as proof of payment for accommodation and services provided. It also serves as an accounting bill that specifies the amount of money the hotel received and the detailed list of services rendered in exchange. The receipt should contain a detailed list of all the items charged to the guest. Examples of charges that should be included and itemized are accommodation, room service, airport transfer, spa, restaurant, bar, etc.

At BnB Holiday we are passionate about helping small accommodation providers like you save time so you can use it where it matters most - attracting more guests. That is why our design team has created these free printable receipt templates for small hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. They are completely free to download, and you can customize and send them to your guests in minutes.

Create a Receipt!

BnB Holiday - Hotel Receipt Template

Free Hotel Receipt Template
  • Print or download as PDF
  • Auto-generate from a Booking Confirmation
  • Saved to a List of Receipts for future reference
  • Auto-selects a unique Receipt number

MS Word - Free Hotel Receipt Template

MS Word hotel receipt template

MS Word can be used to design all kinds of useful documents for accommodation providers. Some examples are booking confirmations, receipts, house rules, pamphlets, and welcome brochures for your guests. They are easy to customize by adding your pictures, fonts, and colors. With this blank MS Word receipt template, you can have your receipt finished in seconds. Just fill out and send!

Google Docs - Free Hotel Receipt Template

Google Docs hotel receipt template

If you don't have MS Word on your computer, a sample Google Docs template works in pretty much the same way. Just fill out the blank hotel receipt template and print it or send it to your guest. You are free to change colors, fonts and add images to customize it to your style. You will have to add all the totals manually and enter them in the template form.

Excel - Free Hotel Receipt Template

Excel hotel receipt template

In Excel, you have the added benefit of being able to define formulas to add up the totals and calculate the taxes right on the simple receipt template. The only disadvantage is that Excel does not come as standard software on most computers: Your guests might not have it installed, making it difficult for them to view your receipt.

Google Sheets - Free Hotel Receipt Template

Google Sheets hotel receipt template

Google Sheets offers the same advantage of calculating the percentages and totals for you. The template is completely editable and you can fill out, print, or send the receipt. You have to be careful when adding or removing fields, though, to preserve the correct formulas. If you would rather use a sample receipt template that fully automates this process, use the BnB Holiday receipt template instead.

5 Good Reasons to Use a Professional Template

  • It's simple to use and you can make as many Receipts as you need to
  • It helps you include all the important information
  • You can create a PDF, Download, Email or Print the Receipt
  • You can convert a Booking Confirmation to a Receipt
  • It saves you time and money

Easy to Customize

Ready to start sending customized receipts? Just make sure you include all the important information so your guests know exactly what they paid for and how to contact you.

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How to Create a Hotel Receipt

To learn how to create your own receipt from a blank template, watch this short video or follow the steps below:

A hotel receipt is a legal document that serves as proof of payment and specifies the items paid for. Like with any other kind of receipt, there are some rules about what a hotel receipt should contain. When filling out a blank hotel receipt these are the basic contents you should add:

1. Hotel details

Step 1: Hotel details

In the editable receipt template, include the hotel details like name, address, phone number and email on top of the receipt. This way, your guests see right away who the receipt is from and how to contact you. You only need to fill out these details once. They are saved to your account and appear on all of your receipts and booking confirmations.

2. Guest details

Step 2: Guest details

Add the guest details like name, phone number, address, email and other relevant contact information. This is a confirmation to the guest that they are the right recipient of your receipt. It also serves as an easy lookup place for you if you need to contact your guest in the future.

3. Number of guests

Step 3: Number of guests

Include the total number of guests and specify how many adults, children and infants there are.

4. Type and name of the accommodation

Step 4: Type and name of the accommodation

Avoid any confusion about what the guest is paying for by specifying the room number or room name and including a short description of the accommodation.

5. Arrival and departure dates

Step 5: Arrival and departure dates

Include check-in and check-out times. These show how long the guests stayed and further confirm yet again what they are paying for.

6. Receipt/invoice number

Step 6: Receipt/invoice number

Add a unique receipt number for easy reference. This is especially useful when you have several receipts issued to the same guest, like with return visitors.

7. Booking number

Step 7: Booking number

Add a booking number to the receipt. This creates a unique link between a guest's booking and their receipt. The link makes it easier for you to look up the documents when needed.

8. Receipt date

Step 8: Receipt date

The receipt date should be the date when the receipt was issued. The issue date confirms the time when the payment was received.

9. Room down payment (security deposit)

step 9: Room down payment (security deposit)

If you charge a down payment or a security deposit for your rooms, include this in a separate payment line. That way the guest can easily see that this sum has been subtracted from their bill.

10. Room rates and details

step 10: Room rates and details

Include the room rates and number of nights as well as any services included in the nightly rate, like complimentary breakfast.

11. Other charges

step 11: Other charges

Airport pick-up or drop-off, early check-in, late check-out, excursions, restaurant, bar, minibar, room service, spa, beach towels, gift shop etc. are examples of other services a hotel might offer to their guests. Be sure to include these and specify each on a separate payment line. That way your guests can get a good overview of their charges.

12. Taxes

step 12: Taxes

If you need to collect taxes or VAT, you can add them to each payment line separately.

13. Additional information

step 13: Additional information

If you have any additional information add it to the 'Notes' field. This is also a good place to thank the guests for their stay with you and encourage them to come back.

14. Bill payment

step 14: Bill payment

Before checking out, make sure that the guests clear all their bills. Only then can you issue a receipt.

15. PDF, print or email the receipt

step 15: PDF, print or email the receipt

The guest should get their own copy of the receipt. The receipt template is printable, just click on the 'Print'-button. You can also send it as a PDF or email your guests a link to the receipt so that they can download or print it themselves.

16. Guest signature

step 16: Guest signature

If you need to keep a signed copy of the receipt for your records, print it and have the guest sign at the bottom.

17. Final tip: auto generate a receipt from a booking confirmation

step 17: Final tip: auto generate a receipt from a booking confirmation

If you generate a guest receipt from a booking confirmation, most of the information above will be added automatically. All you need to add are extra charges that might have occurred during the guest's stay with you.

How BnB Holiday Works

BnB Holiday provides a range of tools for small accommodation providers that are aimed at attracting more guests, saving time, and making you look professional. They all work together and are easy to use:

Booking Calendar

The booking calendar helps you get an overview of your availability and manage your bookings. You can create a booking directly from the booking calendar

  • Get an overview of your availability
  • Manage your bookings
  • Create a booking directly from the calendar
  • View details by clicking on a booking


Create your own booking website for potential guests to find your accommodation. No coding skills required. All you have to do is fill out an easy-to-use template.

Vacation Rental Website Template
  • Showcase your property
  • Show your availability
  • Display your pricing
  • Allow guests to send booking requests

Booking Confirmation

Create professional booking confirmations to send to your guests. This beautiful template ensures no information is forgotten.

Booking confirmation template
  • Look professional to your guests
  • Save time
  • Easily create from a Booking Request
  • Convert to a Receipt

Guest Receipt

When it's time to issue a receipt the booking confirmation can be used to auto-generate a receipt which you can print, PDF, or email directly to your guest - no more double entry and no information forgotten!

Hotel receipt template
  • Look professional to your guests
  • Save time
  • Easily create from a Booking Confirmation
  • Print, PDF or Email

Other BnB Holiday Templates

Our templates are designed to work together, so you don't have to enter the same information twice. When you receive a booking request from your website it easily converts into a booking confirmation, which easily converts into a receipt. Maximum control with minimum effort!

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